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Facade Cleaning Waste Water Chemical Suction Pump 230V SS & Flat Suction Mat (acid & alkali-proof)

Performance Characteristics

This is a necessary component / set for professional facade cleaning consisting of a 230V VA dirty water pump / chemical suction pump (impeller pump) with a 10m suction and discharge hose as well as a flat suction mat made of PU in 46x27cm.

The flat suction mat is placed in a collecting tray into which the dirty water drips off the facade. Such a dirty water pan is not included in the scope of delivery, but can be purchased in our shop in various sizes. The green suction hose connects the flat suction mat and the dirty water pump by means of special GK suction couplings. The yellow drainage hose is also connected to the dirty water pump and a container / canister to be transferred. The suction hose is initially filled with water so that the pump can continuously pump the dirty water out of the collecting tray.

The dirty water pump is specially designed for permanent slurping operation, so that dripping water from the facade is continuously sucked out of the tub and the pump is prevented from overheating.
The suctioned cleaning agents or the dirty water must be disposed of in accordance with the Groundwater Ordinance.

This unit is designed for suctioning off aggressive cleaning agents, as all components are permanently acid and alkali-proof (impeller, body of the pump and shaft in stainless steel and equipped with Viton seals). The dirty water pump is securely screwed into the aluminum profile frame, has a handy carrying handle and is therefore secure on any surface.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Chemical Suction Pump

Voltage in (V) 230
Engine speed 1.400
Design Type Impeller pump
Material Corpus, Welle an Impeller of SS
Power Consumption (kW) 0,35
Pump Performance max l/min 40


Technical Specifications Flat Suction Mat

Dimensions (cm) 27×46
Material Rubber PUR
Spezification GK Suction Coupling

Scope of Delivery

1. SS Impeller chemical pump 230V
2. 2x10m suction and pressure hose
3. Flat suction mat 27x46cm with GK suction coupling