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Facade Cleaning CARBON Telescopic Chemical Lance 9.5m 200bar Spraying & Washing 2in1 (Acid & Alkali proof)

Performance Characteristics

This is a CARBON high pressure detergents telescopic lance for cold water and hot water high pressure cleaners of all classes.

The length in the shortest condition is 2 meters and can be extended up to 9.5 meters. A continuous ST-VA high-pressure gun is screwed to the lance. The entire unit is designed for the application of aggressive cleaning fluids (detergents) in continuous operation, since all components are acid and alkali-resistant. For this application the lance is to be used in low pressure operation, but can also be operated as a normal high pressure lance up to 200bar. The telescopic lance lifts off the ground at 150bar working pressure, slightly pressed by the counter pressure of the water jet. This effect means that the telescopic lance “flies” and is very easy to control. In low pressure operation this counter pressure is missing and therefore the lance has to be operated by its own power with its lever force. Here physics sets limits at 10m.

The HP telescopic lance consists of 5 extendable segments made of FULL CARBON. The quick releases are made of high quality hard plastic and are opened and closed by levers. The HP telescopic lance weighs only approx. 3.5 KG completely without water (when extended, the weight increases around the internal high-pressure hose including water). Please note that HP Telescopic lances achieve more stability, the further the individual segments are shifted into one another. For this HP telescopic lance, this means that it can be guided safely and stably up to about 9m. In any case, we recommend slowly approaching the limits of the product, limited by physical forces such as leverage, etc., and practicing the take-off, leadership and landing process.

As standard, the lance tip is delivered with an M22 union nut (standard Kärcher, Kränzle, Oertzen etc.), to which e.g. the nozzle holder, articulated joint, dirt grinder or surface cleaner can be adapted. This set includes a SS stainless steel articulated joint (fixable), which can be screwed onto the lance tip, which enables the HP flat jet to be deflected by up to 120 °. The HD articulation joint maintains its set angle even under high pressure.

NEW: This model has a new type of flexible, swiveling high-pressure pistol suspension / high-pressure joint, which enables more ergonomic handling and has a very positive effect in continuous operation. The internal high-pressure hose is also lighter, making the lance easier to control.

THE 3-STAGE PROCEDURE OF PROFESSIONAL / COMMERCIAL FACADE CLEANING: Due to the nowadays mandatory insulation of the plaster facades, after some time they begin to form externally organic deposits such as algae, fungi, spores and lichens.

1. First of all, the waste water collecting tray is laid out with air rims below the facade to be cleaned in order to collect the waste water that occurs. Then the cleaning agent DiSi-FRM-A or DiSi-FRM-U is applied using our low-pressure chemical pressure pump and low-pressure chemical CARBON telescopic lance using the low-pressure method <40Bar. Most of the dirty water runs off the facade, collects in the dirty water collecting tray and is sucked into a canister by our chemical suction pump or flat suction mat (subject to disposal).

2. Then, after a short exposure time, the facade is washed off using the chemical pressure pump in HP operation or a more powerful high-pressure cleaner and the HP CARBON telescopic lance (9.5m or 14m). Here the 180Bar (14m TL) on the HP nozzle are only necessary to allow the telescopic lance to “fly” through the counter pressure at the cranked end of the lance. At a distance of just 1m from the facade, only about 30bar arrive directly on the facade to wash off the remnants of the loosened dirt. This dirty water is also collected and pumped out (subject to disposal).

3. Finally, it is best to apply the long-term protection DiSi-FRM-L again with the chemical pressure pump and chemical CARBON telescopic lance (9.5m). Since cleaning agents containing surfactants and lye have a very corrosive effect on metallic components, all cleaning components, down to the smallest screw connection, that come into contact with these cleaning agents and also the dirty water, must be made of SS stainless steel and thus permanently acid and lye-resistant. Please observe the legal regulations for all cleaning agents.

Product Video

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Technical Specifications

Lengths (in m) 2 – 9.5
Controllable length (in m) 9
Locking technology quick release with lever lock
Material full carbon
Temperature range (° C) <60
Pressure (bar) <200
Connection M22 or system according to agreement
Nozzels Set of low pressure nozzle e.g. 4025 and HP Nozzles e.g. 2550
Stainless steel articulation joint fixable from 0 ° to 120 °, holds angles under high pressure
Weight (kg) 3,5

Scope of Delivery

1. Full carbon HP telescopic lance up to 9.5m

2. HP nozzle, suitable for the performance specification of your high-pressure cleaner (please inform us of the manufacturer and type designation after conclusion of the contract)

3. HP nozzle holder, for holding the HP nozzle 4.Gun connection, suitable for your high-pressure cleaner or high-pressure hose)

5. HP articulated joint, fixable made of stainless steel, 0 ° to 120 °

6. HP high pressure hose (inside)