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Solar PV Photovoltaic Cleaning triple Wash Brush rotating CARBON Telescopic Lance 14m Descaling Cleaner Karcher Kranzle

Performance Characteristics

Your solar or photovoltaic system loses up to 30% of its performance due to environmental influences and corresponding deposits (depending on the environment). With continuous cleaning you increase this performance again and thus your income!

Features of the HP telescopic lance:
The professional HP telescopic lance for cold and hot water high-pressure cleaners of all classes, has a length in the shortest possible state of 2.0m and can be extended up to 14m. A high-pressure gun and an internal high-pressure hose are screwed to the lance. The whole unit can be operated at <60 ° C and 200 bar.
The HP telescopic lance is used wherever you would otherwise not be able to get there, i.e. up to approx. 11m away from you. The lance tip is delivered with an M22 union nut as standard, to which, for example, the PV washing brush module or HP articulated joint with nozzle can be adapted.
The HP telescopic lance consists of 7 extendable segments made of FULL CARBON and weighs only approx. 4.5kg without water. The quick releases consist of a hard plastic screw cap.

The HP telescopic lance is now not only used to control and long arm of the “photovoltaic wash brush module”, but is now also equipped with the STAINLESS STEEL HP articulated joint (0 ° -120 °) supplied, onto which the flat jet nozzle can be screwed and thus used as a to use an independent HP telescopic lance with acute flat jet spray angles. The HP telescopic lance can therefore also be used as a long HP lance with an HP articulated joint and HP nozzle WITHOUT a photovoltaic wash brush module.

Depending on the filter selection, the telescopic lance with the HP pistol is either firmly fixed to the top tube or supplied with a variable pistol attachment, through which the supplied HP pistol or HD ball valve can be optionally connected and thus fixed rotatably to the top tube. By using the HP gun, the telescopic lance is ideal for professional facade cleaning and by using the HP ball valve it is better for PV cleaning.

We deliver all accessory products such as functional lances, surface cleaners etc. ready for connection with connection adapters e.g. M21 (Wap), M22 + Quick Connect + Easylock (Kärcher), quick-release fasteners for Nilfisk, Mazzoni etc.) and configured with the appropriate nozzle size for your high-pressure cleaner. To do this, after ordering, we need the relevant information from you with regard to the manufacturer and type designation, alternatively flow rate and working pressure.

Features of the washing brush module:
The professional solar systems or photovoltaic washing brush module has 3 rotating nylon brush heads, each 20cm wide, which give a cleaning width of approx. 55cm.
The high torque rotation is generated by the flow rate of the high-pressure cleaner, by means of a gear unit and drive nozzles (similar to iSolar ©, Kärcher). The working pressure of the high-pressure cleaner used is reduced to a counter pressure of only 30-40bar by the individually matched internal drive nozzles of the photovoltaic washing brush module. Due to our construction, we can also adjust the 3 individual washing brushes satisfactorily for very small HPW >8l / min flow rates.
The washing brush module is equipped with a HP articulated joint for comfortable vertical handling. This enables the brush module to be used on PV systems of any roof pitch. The lance holder above the brush module, with its center of gravity, prevents it from tipping, so that it always lies flat and is easy to control.
The 3 nylon brush attachments are subject to little wear and tear and can be exchanged very easily. An exchange set (3 pieces) is optionally available at any time for 99 euros.

Chemical injector features:

All cold water high-pressure cleaners that do not have an internal water tank can only suck in detergent additives in the low-pressure range. To use the cleaning agent in connection with our rotating washing brush module, it is necessary that the high-pressure cleaner injects the cleaning agent during the high-pressure phase.
This external chemical injector enables detergent to be sucked in via the water supply of the high-pressure cleaner. The component is inserted between the water supply hose and the high-pressure cleaner. The detergent supply can be dosed using a scale using a dosing valve. All hoses are transparent and the set is ready for connection.

Cleaning agent features:
The Herwetec Schukolin Solarsoft cleaning agent is especially suitable for cleaning glass, photovoltaics and solar systems, as it not only has a cleaning, but also a water-decalcifying or softening effect and is also biodegradable. This means that no further decalcification is necessary, even with very hard water. The pearlescent effect that is left behind gives your PV system better protection against further contamination.

With a medium degree of soiling, 10l of Solarsoft is sufficient for an area of ​​up to 500m². Depending on the degree of soiling and the corresponding indexing, the yield is smaller or larger. If it is less dirty, the agent can also be diluted.

– Specially designed for solar cleaning using the one-step method, no extra rinse cycle with softened water required
– Lime stop formula
– specially approved by solar module manufacturers, with certificate
– Groundwater and wastewater tested by the University of Stuttgart
– Label-free and biologically harmless
– enables lime-free drying

Technical Specifications

HP telescopic lance

Lengths (in m) 2.0 – 14
Material Full carbon
Temperature range (° C) <60
Pressures (bar) <200
connection System after consultation
HD nozzle after consultation
Articulation STAINLESS STEEL, 0 ° -120 °
HP pistol High pressure gun inlet to match your high pressure hose
Weight (kg) 4


Wash brush module

cleaning width (in m) 0.55
Material nylon
Temperature range (° C) <50
System requirements High pressure cleaner <8 l / min to <20l flow rate
high pressure nozzles Size according to agreement

Scope of Delivery

1. Rotating photovoltaic washing brush module (individually tailored to your high-pressure cleaner)
2. HP telescopic lance 14m with STAINLESS STEEL HP articulated joint 0 ° -120 ° and matching HP flat jet nozzle
3. Adapter for high-pressure gun to accommodate your existing high-pressure hose (high-pressure hoses in all lengths and specifications are also available from us in the “Hose sets – high-pressure hoses” category)
4. 2x10L Solarsoft cleaning and decalcifying agent (biodegradable, cleans and decalcifies or softens the water)
5. External chemical injector

Product Video

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