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PV Photovoltaic Solar Cleaning Agent Detergent Decalcification SOLARSOFT glass cleaning lotus effect


10x11kg, 1x11kg, 2x11kg, 3x11kg, 4x11kg, 5x11kg, 6x11kg, 8x11kg

Performance Characteristics

Your solar or photovoltaic system loses up to 30% of its performance due to environmental influences and corresponding deposits (depending on the environment). With continuous cleaning you increase this performance again and thus your income!

The cleaning agent Herwetec Schukolin Solarsoft is especially suitable for cleaning glass, photovoltaics and solar systems, as it not only has a cleaning, but also a water-decalcifying or softening effect and is also biodegradable. This means that no further decalcification is necessary, even with very hard water. The pearlescent effect that is left behind gives your PV system better protection against further contamination.

With a medium degree of soiling, 10l of Solarsoft are sufficient with a dosage of 0.5% up to an area of ​​1,000m². Depending on the degree of soiling and the corresponding indexing, the yield is smaller or larger. If it is less dirty, the agent can also be diluted.

– Specially designed for solar cleaning using the one-step method, no extra rinse cycle with softened water required
– Lime stop formula
– specially approved by solar module manufacturers, with certificate
– Groundwater and wastewater tested by the University of Stuttgart
– Label-free and biologically harmless
– enables lime-free drying