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MH Series Steam Washer Industrial Quality 400V Mazzoni 210bar 13-15l/min

Performance Characteristics

The MH model series from the Italian manufacturer Mazzoni describes the compact series of high-performance hot water high-pressure cleaners with 400V, designed for industrial, highest demands and continuous operation.

Depending on the filter selection, the MH3061 and MH4000 series have 4kW or 5.5kW large electric motors that drive a self-sufficient crankshaft high-pressure pump unit with a flexible coupling at 1,400 rpm. The motor pump unit provides working pressures of 170 bar or 210 bar at 13 l / min or 15 l / min flow rate. Compared to the simple axial high-pressure pump, this is characterized, for example, by its particularly smooth running. The organs of the high-pressure cleaners such as the stainless steel burner housing, the crankshaft high-pressure pump unit with full ceramic pistons are designed for continuous industrial operation and are correspondingly robust and durable components. The external blue pressure / volume regulator (circulation valve) ensures, for example, quick and uncomplicated maintenance and enables the working pressure and flow rate to be regulated.

The high-pressure cleaners are hot water devices, which means that they can generate hot water on their own because they have a diesel burner. This enables the water to be heated to around 70 ° C (ΔT) at the maximum flow rate, which significantly improves the cleaning performance. If the flow rate is reduced on the blue pressure regulator, the diesel burner can continuously heat the water up to 150 ° C.

Due to its compact design, the device does not have an internal detergent tank. For this purpose we supply the so-called “foam cannon” so that you can also apply aggressive cleaning agents under high pressure. Instead of the lance, this foam cannon is adapted to the gun outlet via a quick-release fastener and holds 1 liter of detergent. In this way, not only can the cleaning agent be injected, but a real foam carpet can be produced (depending on the cleaning agent).

The associated spray set is consistently equipped with the industrial quick release system. This enables different functional lances to be changed smoothly. All coupling parts are rotatable.
Optionally, depending on the filter selection, the MH can be equipped and delivered with a mechanical hose drum (<20m). The additional HP hose can be ordered from us in the corresponding category.

The design and characteristics of this high-pressure cleaner correspond to the very highest industrial quality standard in terms of motor-pump unit, burner technology, etc.

Please keep in mind that when used with power generators, they must generate at least 2.5 times the power of the electric motor for smooth operation due to the high starting current.

The Mazzoni company existed in northern Italy in 1969 as a manufacturer of high-pressure cleaners, steam jets and individual components such as burners, high-pressure crankshaft pumps and attachments. The owner-managed family company with around 80 employees continues to produce everything by hand and only supplies top-quality components and devices in a rock-solid design for continuous industrial operation. The focus here is on quality, not profitability. The supply of spare parts and / or maintenance is guaranteed by our workshop in 65205 Wiesbaden, other dealers and German-speaking contacts at Mazzoni.

Technical Specifications

Type of current (PH / V / Hz) 3/400/50
Water output (L / H) or (L / Min) 840 or 14, 900 or 15
Working pressure continuously adjustable (bar) 30-170, 30-210
Max. Temperature range (° C) 150
Motor power (KW) 4 or 5.5
Motor speed (rpm) 1400
Weight (kg) 115
Dimensions (L x W x H) (cm) 100 x 65 x 100
Detergent tank (L) no, only optional
Totalstop yes, after 20 seconds, before bypass

Scope of Delivery

1. Mazzoni pressure washer as shown and described
2. HP hose 10m, 1-ply 210 bar
3. HP ST2300 industrial pistol with industrial KW quick release fasteners, rotatable!
4. HP double jet lance with pressure adjustment and quick release nipple
5. HP foam cannon