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HOTBOX Mobile Hot Water High Pressure Heater Module Mazzoni 12V 24V 230V 260-500bar 25l/min 150°C

Performance Characteristics

The ready-to-connect hotbox from the Italian brand Mazzoni is modularly connected to your cold water high-pressure cleaner and enables the water to be heated up to 150 ° C like a hot water high-pressure cleaner. The original hose package of your high-pressure cleaner is then connected to the hotbox (all adapters suitable for your system are included in the scope of delivery).
The hotbox has an oil burner, built-in diesel tank, low water protection, flow monitor, optical flame monitoring, pressure relief valve and thermostat, on which you can set the desired temperature.

The hotbox has a burner output of 105kW with a maximum flow rate of 25l / min. This dimensioning corresponds to a ΔT = 85 ° C
1. At z. B. 25l / min and an inlet temperature of 10 ° C, the hotbox reaches an outlet temperature of 65 ° C.
2. At z. B. 15l / min and an inlet temperature of 10 ° C, the hotbox reaches an outlet temperature of 95 ° C.

This model includes the entire chassis, carriage and fairing as shown in the first picture. The burner kettle and base are made of stainless steel.

Compared to the manual thermostat (standard), the option of the digital thermostat enables the temperature to be selected without major temperature fluctuations. This proves itself in various applications, such as. B. weed killing to be extremely effective. Not only is it controlled digitally, the input display also shows you the digits digitally.

The Mazzoni company has existed in northern Italy since 1969 as a manufacturer of high-pressure cleaners, steam jets and individual components such as burners, high-pressure crankshaft pumps and attachments. The owner-managed family company with around 80 employees continues to produce everything by hand and only supplies components and devices of the highest quality in a rock-solid design for continuous industrial operation. The focus here is on quality, not profitability. The supply of spare parts and / or maintenance is guaranteed by our workshop in 65205 Wiesbaden, other dealers and German-speaking contacts at Mazzoni.

Technical Specifications

Stromart (PH/V/Hz) 12/24/230 (je nach Filterauswahl)
Wasserleistung (l/h) bzw. (l/min) <1500 bzw. 25
Arbeitsdruck des Hochdruckreinigers max je nach Filterauswahl
Max. Temperaturbereich (°C) 150
Gewicht (kg) 130
Abmessungen (L x B x H) (cm) 100 x 65 x 120
Dieseltank Volumen in l 30
Anschlüsse M22*1,5AG (500Bar-Variante 1/2 Zoll AG)
Stromstärke bei Durchflussmenge <25l (35A bei 12V, 15A bei 24V, 1,4A bei 230V)

Scope of Delivery

Hotbox as shown, connection adapter as agreed, high-pressure supply hose optional on request.