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Weed Killer Controller Lance WEEDDEVIL & VA Gun CHEMICAL FREE hot water 95°

Performance Characteristics

The use of pesticides (herbicides) on z. B. terraces, driveways, parking lots, paving stones, concrete and sidewalks is now strictly prohibited by law. In the event of an infringement, the commercial company, the municipality or the private individual face draconian fines of up to € 50,000.

With thermal weed control, the cell structure of the plant is destroyed by hot water at the boiling point (approx. 95 ° C) including the roots. Due to the sustained breakdown of the proteins, plants (such as grass, weeds, wild herbs, algae and moss) die off completely.

This is a floor cleaner especially for the destruction or removal of weeds and wild herbs.
The weed destruction is done by the hot water at the boiling point (not superheated steam) generated by a hot water high-pressure cleaner, on which the pressure volume regulator has been reduced to the minimum, the LOW PRESSURE OPERATION. In this way, the diesel burner can move the water to the steam stage as quickly as possible.

With the chassis of 40 cm width, the weeds to be removed are simply run over and the ground is steamed from 4 nozzles. The water vapor destroys the roots in a deep, sustainable, environmentally friendly and chemical-free manner.

The body is made entirely of stainless steel and, due to its durability, is ideal for professional service providers in garden, municipal and building cleaning technology. The roller pressure gauge measures 26 cm and is very convenient to use. The lance supplied has a length of 110 cm and is equipped with a quick release nipple on which the supplied ST-VA gun (completely VA innards, is safety-relevant) fits.

In addition to weed killing, the entire product can also be used in HIGH PRESSURE OPERATION as a high-pressure broom or surface and floor cleaner. This means that the nozzles in the chassis are used as conventional high-pressure flat jet nozzles. Suitable for high pressure cleaners up to 350 bar.

Technical Specifications

Working width (in cm) 40
Material stainless steel
Temperature range (° C) to 150
Pressures (bar) to 350
Number of high pressure nozzles 4
Wheel diameter (in cm) 26
Lance length (in cm) 110
connection Long nipple quick release system

Scope of Delivery

Unkrautvernichter wie beschrieben und abgebildet inkl. der 4 Hochdruckdüsen sowie der ST-2300-Pistole