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Weed Killer Controller HOTBOX 12V 24V 230V CHEMICAL FREE hot water 95°C <15l/min (inlet pressure >3bar)

Performance Characteristics

The use of pesticides (herbicides) on z. B. terraces, driveways, parking lots, paving stones, concrete and sidewalks is now strictly prohibited by law. In the event of an infringement, the commercial company, the municipality or the private individual face draconian fines of up to € 50,000.
With thermal weed control, the cell structure of the plant is destroyed by hot water at the boiling point (approx. 95 ° C) including the roots. Due to the sustained breakdown of proteins, plants (such as grass, weeds, wild herbs, algae and moss) die off completely.

This set for thermal weed control consists of the “WeedDevil” as a handcart for driving over the weeds, from which the hot water at the boiling point (95 ° C) exits through 4 steam nozzles at low pressure. A high-pressure cleaner is not required here, as a water inlet pressure of only> 3 bar is required in order to constantly heat the water to 95 ° C. The special steam hose with a length of 20m is firmly screwed to the SS steam gun, which in turn is connected to the WeedDevil with a safety lock. The maximum flow rate of this set is <15l / min at 95 ° C. In addition, a 1m VA lance with a flat jet steam nozzle for selective steaming is supplied.

Features of “WeedDevil”:
The WeedDevil is made entirely of stainless steel SS. Its chassis with a width of 40 cm is simply driven over the weeds to be removed, scalding the ground from 4 steam nozzles with boiling water and thus destroying the roots deeply, sustainably and environmentally friendly and without chemicals. The roll diameter is 26 cm and enables very comfortable handling. Its jet pipe has a length of 110 cm and is equipped with a safety lock long nipple into which the supplied VA steam gun is locked. The 4 steam nozzles are clad in such a way that the user is protected and cannot be injured. Due to the high quality of the material, the WeedDevil is very durable and ideal for professional service providers in the garden, municipal and building cleaning technology.

Features “Hotbox 230V” (also available in 12V and 24V versions):
The so-called “Hotbox” 230V from the manufacturer Mazzoni is used to supplement high-pressure cleaners without their own diesel burner. The hotbox is modularly connected with a 20m steam hose (included) behind the high-pressure cleaner and enables the water to be heated up to 150 ° C like a hot water high-pressure cleaner. The special 1m steam hose (included in delivery) is then connected to the high-pressure cleaner on the hotbox. The Hotbox 230V has a diesel burner, built-in 30l diesel tank, low water protection, safety pressure switch and thermostat, on which you can set the desired temperature.

The hotbox is so large that this 15l flow rate is constantly heated to 95 °.

Compared to the manual thermostat (standard), the option of the digital thermostat enables the temperature to be selected without major temperature fluctuations. This proves itself in various applications, such as. B. weed killing to be extremely effective. Not only is it controlled digitally, the input display also shows you the digits digitally.

The Mazzoni company has existed in Northern Italy since 1969 as a manufacturer of high-pressure cleaners, steam jets and individual components such as burners, high-pressure crankshaft pumps and attachments. The owner-managed family company with around 80 employees continues to produce everything by hand and only supplies top-quality components and devices in a rock-solid design for continuous industrial operation. The focus here is on quality, not profitability. The supply of spare parts and / or maintenance is guaranteed by our workshop in 65205 Wiesbaden, other dealers and German-speaking contacts at Mazzoni.

Technical Specifications


Working width (in cm) 40
Material stainless steel
Temperature range (° C) to 150
Number of high pressure nozzles 4
Wheel diameter (in cm) 26
Lance length (in cm) 110
connection Quick release long nipple

& nbsp;

Hotbox 12V 24V 230V

Type of current (V) 12, 24, 230 (depending on the filter selection)
Water output (L / H) or (l / min) & gt; 1500 or 25
Working pressure of the high-pressure cleaner max. (bar) 260
Max. Temperature range (° C) 150
Weight (kg) 90
Dimensions (L x W x H) (cm) 70 x 50 x 100
Diesel tank volume (l) 30
Amperage at flow rate & lt; 25l (35A at 12V, 15A at 24V, 1.4A at 230V)

Scope of Delivery

1. Weed killer “WeedDevil” as described and illustrated with thermometer, incl. 4 steam nozzles and VA steam gun with safety lock
2. Specially insulated high-pressure steam hose 1-layer DN10 20m for connection between the hotbox and the steam gun
3. Hotbox from Mazzoni (after filter selection) with adapted safety devices for operation >3Bar and GK inlet water connection