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Hydraulic Drive High Pressure Washer Motor Pump Unit 210bar 15-21l/min (oil pressure 150/180bar at 36l/min)

Performance Characteristics

A petrol high-pressure cleaner with a robust 13 HP motor and Mazzoni crankshaft pump with full ceramic pistons and an electric start is offered.
To start the machine, all you need to do is press the key, which means you don’t have to pull the cable. The 12V battery is securely screwed under the VA trolley and is continuously charged during operation.
The crankshaft pump is flanged by means of a transmission gear and has a working pressure of 200 bar at 20 l / min. There is also built-in a gas-free speed regulation, which is controlled via the bypass of the external circulation valve. If the user lets go of the high-pressure gun, the motor speed is reduced to idle speed. The blue rotary knob of the circulation valve is used for stepless regulation of the working pressure and flow rate. In addition, safety devices such as a pressure relief valve and a temperature safety valve, which opens from a pump temperature of 65 ° C, are installed. The engine also has a low oil safety device.

The VA trolley has pneumatic rubber tires and is easy to drive off-road. The functional stainless steel hose reel takes 20m high pressure hose and can be fixed.
This machine is designed for tough, power-independent use, almost perfected for professional facade cleaning.

All wear and spare parts are available at any time.

The Mazzoni company has existed in Northern Italy since 1969 as a manufacturer of high-pressure cleaners, steam jets and individual components such as burners, high-pressure crankshaft pumps and attachments. The owner-managed family company with around 80 employees continues to produce everything by hand and only supplies top-quality components and devices in a rock-solid design for continuous industrial operation. The focus here is on quality, not profitability. The supply of spare parts and / or maintenance is guaranteed by our workshop in 65205 Wiesbaden, other dealers and German-speaking contacts at Mazzoni.

Technical Specifications

Motor speed (rpm) max. 1400
Motor power 150 / 180bar at 36l / m
Working pressure (bar) & lt; 210
Flow rate (l / min) & lt; 21
Max. Flow temperature range (° C) 60
Weight (kg) 45
Dimensions (in cm) (LxWxH) 55x30x20

Scope of Delivery

1. Petrol high pressure cleaner as shown and described
2. 1m cranked jet pipe, 20m high-pressure hose M22  (DN8, 2SN, 400bar, for easy connection to our telescopic lances) on a hose reel